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Xiaomi Su7 2024 High Speed Electric Vehicle China Cheap Xiaomi Car Sedan New Energy Vehicle New Car Ev Auto Electric Car

Xiaomi SU7, the latest addition to our electric vehicle lineup, brings a whole new level of innovation and performance to the table.

Refined Exterior,Rich Color Selections,Comfortable and Smart Interior,Unmatched Performance,More Options.

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Vehicle Description

As a C-class luxury technology sedan, the proportions of Xiaomi SU7 meet the golden ratio, including wheel-to-axel, wheel height, and height-to-width aspect ratios. From the side the contours are elegant and from the front, the low-lying stance delivers full impact. On the front and sides, the body’s curves are smooth and full, coordinating perfectly with an extremely tensile wheel design. At the rear, a unique compact ducktail spoiler and halo taillight design are highly recognizable.
Good design is not just for beauty, but also for the drive. With continuous polishing to every detail of the design, Xiaomi SU7 achieves an extra low drag coefficient of 0.195.

Vehicle Parameter List

Place of Origin China
Product name Xaomi Su7
Energy type Pure Electric
Color Customized
Pure electric cruising range 700/800/830
Charging time Fast charging for 0.32 hour
Max power (kW) 495(673Ps)
Maximum torque(Nm) 838
Max Speed 265 km/h
Curb weight 2205Kg
Body structure 4-door 5-seater sedan
Length width height (mm) 4997*1963*1440
Xiaomi Su7 Detail Display

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